Major Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Dubai is considered among the best tourist destinations in the world. Its wonder lies in the matter that how a dessert was transformed into a shining city. With high rise buildings and magnificent malls all are here in Dubai. It is a full family holiday destination with lots of things to explore around this energetic city. One can search for flights to Dubai from NYC, to experience this beautiful place.

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Here is a short list for those who want to explore the beauty of this city:

  1. Burj Khalifa: This tallest building is the iconic attraction of Dubai. Burj Khalifa is 828 meter tall and is considered the tallest building in the whole world. The view from the building is outstanding. Elevators will take you to the top of the building which is around 148th floor where you can enter the sky lounge to experience the city from the top. Believe me, it’s a lifetime opportunity to feel like a bird when you are there.
  2. Palm Jumeirah: It is a palm shaped artificial island completely manmade. The beauty lies in the fact that this is among the biggest manmade island in the world. With numerous luxury hotels this place is for those who want a luxury leisure vacation. The fountain show of Palm Jumeirah is really a pleasure to watch.
  3. Dubai Mall: This place is a must visit while you are on a Dubai tour. This huge mall has 1200 over stores and approximately 150 restaurants for their customers. Not only that this mall has a huge underwater aquarium and ice skating range for the enjoyment of the visitors. One day is not enough to

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  4. Jumeirah Mosque: This is another great place to visit when you are in Dubai. This mosque is an example of the grandeur of Islamic culture and is created in a complete Islamic way. The architecture of this mosque is quite different and unique in its own way.
  5. Apart from these there are various shopping places in Dubai according to your budget. For example Meena Bazaar, The Souk’s, The mall of Emirates are some great places to start some shopping.

There are many other beautiful places you can explore when you visit Dubai. So why wait take any cheap flight for Dubai from NYC and enjoy the vacation. You can take fly to Dubai from NYC to get a luxury experience.

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