Visit Dubai the Shopping Paradise for Tourists with Best Deals from Lowest Airfare Flights

Dubai is known for various things. One of which is obviously shopping. Dubai is the shopping destination for most people. You can take a cheap flight from JFK to Dubai and enjoy shopping in some of world’s largest malls. Here are some tips to be followed while shopping in Dubai:

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  1. Meena Bazaar in Dubai: This is a cheap market place in Dubai. Here you can find different types of jewelry, wedding dresses, furniture, watches and many more items to complete your Dubai trip. Meena bazaar is located just next to Al- Fahidi metro station.
  2. Perfume Souk: Dubai is known for its local perfume called ‘ittar’. In this place you have to walk through a passage with lots of perfume shops on your both sides. These shops offer local “ittars” and also has branded perfume. You can choose from a variety of perfumes available there. There are also scented candles and showpieces which is a good souvenir.
  3. Dubai Mall: A tourist’s shopping is incomplete without visiting Dubai mall. It is the largest mall in Dubai and also a tourist attraction. Whatever you want anything is available in this mall. It has most expensive items and is separated into various sections according to the brands present there. Though it is quite expensive to buy something from Dubai mall but one should visit this place only to look at the vast collection.
  4. Karama: This place is famous for its unique gift items available there and in a very cheap price. You can find different types of handicrafts. Highly decorated candle stands, lamps and heavy embroidered bed sets in this place. This place looks very attractive and colorful due to the various items present here.
  5. Mall of Emirates: While discussing about shopping places this place is a must for all. This huge mall has 500 stores in it. From very expensive brands to local stores all are here under one roof.
  6. Gold Souk: If you have a desire to buy gold in Dubai you should definitely visit this place or you can simply visit this place to look at the unique designed gold jewelries available here.

So, don’t waste your time, quickly look at the flights to Dubai from JFK and enjoy a happy and pleasant trip in Dubai. Don’t forget to visit above mentioned places when you are in Dubai.

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