Visit To Abu Dhabi On Your Dubai Trip

Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Emirates. It is a 1 and a half hour journey from Dubai. Your Dubai trip will not be complete if you don’t visit Abu Dhabi. Rent a car and you can easily visit Abu Dhabi, there are lot more attractions waiting for you in Abu Dhabi.

How to reach Dubai:

There are many cheap flights to Dubai from JFK. So you can simply fin a flight in your budget and enjoy Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi.

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Here is a list of places you can visit while you are in Abu Dhabi:

  1. Sheikh Zayad Grand Mosque: Covered with Macedonian marble this huge mosque is the main attraction of Abu Dhabi. There are Islamic structures everywhere to show the grandeur of Islamic society. After 20 years of construction this mosque was opened in 2007 for visitors. Glasswork and mosaic tilling is used in the interior and exterior part of the mosque. It is one of the most beautiful and huge mosque in the world.
  2. Ferrari World: This is one of the best exciting places of Abu Dhabi. From small kids to old one’s everyone can enjoy in this theme park. Visitors can take ride and explore the world of Ferrari. There are also collection of the Ferrari cars from the very past when kit was firs invented. This place is a must visit place while you are in Abu Dhabi. You can feel the preciousness of the Ferrari cars when you visit this place.
  3. Observation Deck at 300: This is one of the incredible places in Abu Dhabi. It shows the growth of this place and how beautifully they have designed their city. It is located at the Jumeirah at Etihad Towers hotel. You have to climb at the 74rth storey to visualize a spectacular view of the city. There is a entry fee for non-guests which can be redeemed if you visit the restaurant of the hotel. In the evening time visitors can take a cup of tea and watch the city dressed up in colorful lights.

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This is a small list of places you can visit in Abu Dhabi, you can experience a lot more when you personally visit this place. You can check flights to Dubai or you can fly Emirates from JFK to Dubai to get a comfortable and luxurious flight experience. Go through Emirates Airlines

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